Crash/Landing Mat


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Our high quality Australian Crash Mats are made to order from premium density foam. Covered in top of the line rip-stop PVC, to ensure that even if the covering is torn marginally, it will not continue to tear and damage further. All Crash Mats come equipped with sturdy carrying handles, to help maneuver around any given area. Ventilation grids installed on either side of the mats allows for extra cushioning when landing, letting the air escape upon impact.
Choice of colours, customized mat sizes and varying quantities from singular to entire gym clubs can be quoted. ***Discounts available for large quantity orders***

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2000 x 2000 x 300mm, 3600 x 2000 x 300mm, 3600 x 2000 x 400mm, 3600 x 2000 x 500mm